Capcut vs Inshot-A Comparison Of Best Video Editing Applications 2024

Video content creation is now becoming worthwhile for aspiring brands and small business owners who want to prompt their content on social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. The two most trendy video editing apps offering vast features and tools are Inshot and Capcut. In this article, we will compare Capcut vs Inshot based on user interface speed and the quality of the free mode.

First, let’s talk about the similarities between inshot and capcut apps.  Capcut and inshot are both beginner-friendly for creators just starting editing and have no clue what to do. You can create quality content with the free version. You can edit text overlay transition effects and export in 4k in Capcut and Inshot.

CapCut : What is it?

Capcut video editor is an easy-to-use and free app for editing videos on your phone.  It is available both on Android as well as on iPhone. capcut can perform basic editing like cuts and transitions. But it also has a lot of advanced things built into it, like removing backgrounds from a video and resizing it for different social media platforms. You can use Capcut tips and tricks to edit your videos.

capcut apk vs inshot


You may use an infinite number of filters and presets.

They are used for replicating existing trends.  

Capcut application includes a tolerable learning curve as well as necessary editing functionalities.

Capcut has added some exciting features, like keyframe animations.

You can reverse, cut, and change speed with a single tap.

It provides an exceptional music collection with copyrighted songs.


CapCut is also quite easy to use.

Weekly, CapCut introduces new filters.

Powerful editing capabilities.


It might be complicated for newcomers.

 Occasional breakdown.


InShot is a video editing tool for Smartphones produced by the Chinese business QuVideo.  InShot is one of the top choices for an Android video editor that eliminates a watermark. Inshot and capcut are similar to each other in many aspects. This application was designed with social media in mind and is a video editing tool for sharing content on major social networks.  It is a fantastic video editing tool if you want to share videos on TikTok or are an Instagram user. In this app, the advertisements do not interfere with your work and offer an easy-to-use interface.

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Inshot includes all of the standard functions, such as splitting, applying video effects, trimming, and cropping, like most other video editors.

You can cut films, use AI-powered body effects, and make slideshows. This app applies unique AI effects to the videos to give films a professional look.

You may also opt for freezing a part of the video if you do not want to include it.

You can get several frame rates and also choose 4K outputs.

You can adjust the frame rate according to the device or platform you are working on.

You can alter the size of videos for TikTok, Instagram, and other platforms.

You may also experiment with a variety of charming filters and overlays.

You can make your video stand out on social media by applying humorous memes, using 1000+ stickers, and making picture collages.

Inshot is a prevalent option. It is a simple app,easy to edit, and has an intuitive interface. 

Now, by default on your video, a watermark appears In the bottom right-hand corner. But it can be removed Just by watching an ad. So, the paid version is going to remove all Of your ads, and it is also going to give you access To more transitions, Effects, and stickers. Inshot does have ads throughout, but they are positioned in such a way that will annoy you too much While you’re editing.


A large number of options to edit videos

Edit photos along with videos.

Ideal for producing short videos for platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

The overall price is Cheap considering what You’re getting access to.


The free version has annoying ads.

Also, the free version is with a watermark.

There is no undo option to return to the prior edit version.

Capcut vs Inshot Major Differences

1. User Interface


Regarding the user interface in capcut and Inshot , I would say that Inshot looks easier to navigate. It takes you through a two-step process before you get to the editing page. The color is bright and playful. You’re not immediately bombarded with too many features; it’s simple and clear.


Capcut, on the other hand, has too many features on the opening page, especially for beginners. The features on the first page are not really beginner-friendly. Most beginners are not looking to retouch or add prompters or captions to their videos. It can look a little overwhelming for beginner content creators who know nothing about editing. So, for the user interface, I would say Inshot wins this version.

2. Quality of the Free Version


Now, comparing the quality of the free version. Capcut has more professional and graphic text templates for beginner content creators.  Those who do not know how to edit text already have a template.  It also has an Auto caption feature. Just with one click on the button, your caption is done, and it’s really precise. I know captioning is the Rave now, like everyone is putting captions in their videos. If you are not doing that, you must do it now because that is the trend, and you must keep up.


Inshot, on the other hand, also has text templates, but they are not that quality and professional. They are outdated, like nobody uses this kind of text anymore. The number of fonts available in the free version is very few, although you can access the pro version for free if you watch ads. There are still no Auto captions.

3 Capcut vs Inshot- Ads


 In the inshot app, you need to watch out for the ad before downloading the video.


While capcut does not play any ads when exporting your videos.

4 Capcut vs Inshot- Watermarks


We all know watermarks are usually involved in the free version. So, in terms of watermark, which is part of the quality of your video, like you don’t want your videos to have Watermark because it looks unprofessional or cheap, so for that, I would say capcut wins this one because it doesn’t put a watermark on your video. It just puts a clip at the end of the video, which you can delete in just a second.  


But in inshot, on the other hand, you have to watch an ad of 30 seconds or even one minute, which will take your time and can be frustrating.

4 Filters, animations, and transition


Inshot has quite a good number of filters, animations, and transitions that even a newbie can find. For example, if you want to zoom in and out, which is the style most beginner content creators use, it is readily available. It’s easier to find the right kind of transition you need for your videos; however, you have to edit most of the filters before using them to make them look more tempting.


 Capcut, on the other hand, has more modern and cinematic animations and effects. So, rating quality based on the text templates, animations, products, and filters, I would say capcut wins this round now.

CapCut vs Inshot Comparison Table

Background removalPresent in the free versionYes
Denoise      YesNo
Advance filter and transition               Very lessPresent
WatermarkPresent in free versionNo
Blurring some portion feature                  YesBlur the whole photo, not some portion
PriceFree with limitationsFree

CapCut vs Inshot Review


If your editing style is basic and you are a beginner, I would say among capcut vs inshot, Inshot is the best app.  This app is less overwhelming than capcut because it has fewer options. But if you are a beginner professional like you already know the basic features but want to learn advanced level editing, I would say capcut is the best option.

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