Capcut vs VN- Remarkable Video Enhancing Mobile Apps 2024

Social media platforms are flooded with engaging and creative video content. You can create engaging content ranging from vlogs to short videos using best video editing apps. Capcut and VN editor offers users the capability to delve into their creativity. Users can improve their videos by using cutting-edge tools and extensive editing features. Capcut vs VN, Which video enhancement tool will be better for you depends on your demands.



capcut vs vn features pros,cons

This one is a prevalent option with a lot of TikTok creators. It has a logical, Intuitive interface, so it’s quick to get speedy editing in here. It has a ton of built-in effects, presets, filters, and things you can use to get creative with your editing. The overall interface allows more creativity and more control over your edits. Read capcut tips and tricks for editing to enhance your editing skills with capcut.


While the video editor is optimized for TikTok, you may change the file type to make it compatible with other networks of social media.

You may alter all of the fundamental settings and colors.

You can select music or sound effects from both available tracks or upload something from your device. You can also record a voiceover.  

 Modify the degree of brightness of each clip you’ve inserted and much more.

 You can add your logo and change the video speed.

 Perhaps the best feature of this editor is its compatibility with many platforms. You can use it on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows in a very convenient manner.

There is the ability To add AI captions to your videos, Meaning you can press a button. It will automatically transcribe what’s been said In your videos and add those Captions. But in the VN editor, this feature is missing.


It is totally ad-free.

A wide range of functions.

The overall editing Experience is super-fast.


Capcut has a 15-minute video limit time.

Some of the features will not open without internet access.

Banned in some countries

VN Editor

vn editor vs capcut feaatues pros, cons

VN editor is appropriate for both newbies as well as seasoned users. VN is frequently referred to as Mobile Premiere due to its robust and simple editing features. With the sensational VN, Video makers generate more engaging videos with straightforward editing. VN video editor is free, has no watermarks, and the app includes a lot of valuable features. It is very functional; you can create multiple tracks. And this one is very similar to capcut. The overall editor, overall experience of editing is very similar.  There are not as many as capcut, but it has more pro-level features and control.  But overall, it’s fast, powerful, and easy to use.


 On the timeline, you may zoom in and out your video and images.

 You can also move, split, delete, or duplicate video clips.

You can save a draft if you need to take a break.

You can change the pace of music from several soundtracks and the duration.

 You will add a variety of musical styles to videos.

Exciting video effects.

You can rotate the video, and select the scale of a particular shot.

You may use this powerful subtitle tool to create title slides and text overlays on a timeline.

Switching between aspect ratios is easy; there is a button at the top where you can select the aspect ratio.

You can save and create templates while you are editing; therefore, you can reuse these templates in future videos.

Also, you can adjust the font, color, size, and subtitles. This tool allows you to change the length of the subtitles as well.

You also have the most control in vn video editor over things Like your export settings. So not only can you control the resolution and the frame rate that you want to save your video, but You can also control the bitrate Or the actual #316D22quality.

One of the things I love About the VN video editor is That it also works on Mac, and the Mac app is amazing.  And if you are using VN Video editor on an iPhone And a Mac, you can move your projects Between the two. This means that if you’re Editing on the go in VN on your iPhone, you can Airdrop your project To your Mac and finish your edit there.  


VN is a lightweight yet effective phone editor.

The interface of the VN editor is designed so that you can find tools quickly.

It has a clean layout.


The only real distractions are ads and things that pop up.

Capcut vs VN Which is Better?

1. Auto captions


The Capcut app enables users to generate auto-captions for their videos. This will be a very supportive feature for those making long YouTube videos, vlogs, or educational lectures.  So with this productive app now, you will not have to edit or add captions by yourself.

VN Editor

While this element is missing in the VN editor.

2. Export video Capcut vs VN

VN Editor

Both capcut and VN editor support export in 4k format. Vn exports fast but capcut slow. Vn editor has enhanced control over export options like resolution, format of export, and bit rate.


Capcut is a bit heavier application, so Android 7 or above needed to load properly. Capcut has reduced control over export settings.

3 Editing Features And Effects


With capcut, you can apply exciting effects and filters to change the display of your footage.

VN Editor

In the VN editor, the trending effects and transition are limited compared to the capcut.

4 Interface

VN editor

The VN editor interface is a fast multitrack timeline that allows separate video layers. It allows rapid movement between different elements or video clips. VN editor has a multitrack timeline in which you can add stickers, images, and clips and customize them using keyframes.


While the capcut timeline is dense and not as fast as the VN editor’s.

5 Slow motion Effects


You can use the slow-motion effect by editing the speed curve in a capcut. The stabilization feature assists in providing control over speed.

VN Editor

This surprising effect is missing from the VN editor.

6 Color Grading

VN Editor

Vn editor has tremendous control over color grading and also has LUTS.


But compared to the VN editor, capcut does not have that much control over color correction.

Also, read the comparison of capcut vs Inshot, apps like capcut and VN editor.

Capcut vs VN Review

CapCut vs VN Comparison Table

Auto caption FeatureYes Absent
Editing ToolsAdvanced toolslimited
Background removal  YesNo
Transitions, Effects    Large in numberLimited
Smoothing tool for audioPresentMissing
Slow MotionYesNo


If you are a novice at video editing and want to do straightforward edits, The reality is you could probably use any of these either capcut or VN, and will not have a problem. If you’re looking to make creative videos with many effects and transitions, then capcut is probably going To be the one for you. The VN video editor will probably be your pick if you search for all rounder app. It’s still elementary to use, It has a lot of the effects And creative stuff in there as well, But it’s also got a lot more advanced features And controls, too.

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