Capcut vs Filmora-Unveiling the Best Video Editing Companion 2024

Highlighting your content on social media videos content is of great importance. Because now, on these platforms, the most dominant content is in video format, and audiences prefer it. However, producing and composing videos will be challenging if you are not skillful. Also, you do not have much budget to hire someone for you. Capcut vs Filmora helps you in comparing the features of the two wonderful software. This comparison will assist you in making knowledgeable decisions. You can also study the articles’ best video editing apps and apps like capcut to get more information about different apps.



Capcut has a simple drag-and-drop layout and is an Android and iOS app. Capcut is an excellent preference for those who are starting editing and need a free platform. With this stunning software, you can produce short ads, funny videos, reels, YouTube shorts, etc., as capcut is a free tool anyone can use, so it is handy for those having budget problems.
Capcut is built for TikTok, so the features, effects, and filters are related to TikTok. Since it is TikTok Central, we can also directly export the video we edit in Capcut to our TikTok account. For those people who are using TikTok, capcut is strongly suggested.

CAPCUT vs filmora features, pros,cons


It provides a watermark removal option even in the free version, establishing the professional look of your content.

Pre-built templates are also an impressive addition.

 Capcut provides even 4k resolution.

You can get better audio by integrating dazzling sound effects and using a music library.

Enhance the visual appearance of content by practicing marvelous filters, transitions, and effects. Learn capcut tips and tricks for video editing to edit like a pro.


Free app without watermark.

Suitable for beginners.

Support all platforms Android, PC, iPhone.

Best for short videos.


Not suitable for professionals.

Limited features.

Lack of advanced features for editing.


Filmora is a fabulous software for professional editing of videos. It is among the best tools for editing long videos like tutorials, educational videos, and YouTube videos. Filmora is a Windows or Mac-supporting editor with advanced tools like color correction, green screen, pre-built templates, audio addition features, etc. You can use Filmora to market your products’ videos, educational videos, and vlog creations and make impressive presentations.

filmora vs CAPCUT features, pros,cons


You can enhance creativity in videos by applying color grading.

Give your video a professional touch with green screen effects, keyframe animations, or transitions.

Valuable editing by using drag-and-drop tools.

It provides a watermark removal option even in the free version, establishing the professional look of your content.

Filmora supports 4k resolution and offers numerous sharing options for exporting videos.

Filmora contains professional and advanced tools like 3D LUTs, keyframes, and green screen effects.


Advance editing features.

Best for professionals.

Green screen effect present.

Various options for exporting.

Edit short as well as long videos.


The free trial version includes a watermark.

The paid version will be costly.

Not very good for newbies.

Not support all platforms.

Lack of motion tracking and some advanced tools.

Capcut vs Filmora Which is better?

1. Platform Compatibility


Capcut is primarily designed for mobile devices. It offers a mobile-first editing experience allowing users to edit videos directly on their smartphones or tablets. however recently, capcut also offers a desktop version for Windows, and we can also edit online without actually needing to download the capcut app to our desktop.


Filmora is a desktop video editing software available on both Windows and Mac. It provides a comprehensive editing tool with Advanced features and a larger workspace than the cup.

2. User Interface


Filmora has an easy-to-navigate user interface. It owns a feature of a rich user interface with a timeline-based editing workflow. So it offers a wide range of beginners to advance editing tool effects and transitions. This makes it suitable for all users with different levels of editing skills.  


On the other hand, in capcut, the interface is very similar to Filmora. It is super easy to use and navigate. Both are pretty much very similar, so if you have used Filmora before, capcut is very easy to use, or vice Versa.  

3 Editing Features And Effects


Most of the features in both of these tools capcut and filmora are very similar. Filmora is directly connected to pixel DV Pixabay and Unsplash, making the whole video creation much more efficient. We can type keywords and drag the photos or video to Filmora.


On the other hand, capcut does not have this function. So we may need to go in and out to download the photos or videos from other sites and drag them into capcut. This will be time-consuming and will also consume space in our computers.

4 Text-to-speech Feature


Filmora will give free credits to their function of text-to-speech.


For capcut, we have to pay before even trying this feature.



Regarding pricing, there is a big difference between Filmora vs capcut. Capcut is free of cost, with even a free version without a watermark.


In Filmora, you can get a lifetime package for which you have to pay almost 80 dollars. It is not monthly. It is a lifetime which is a great deal. They do have a free trial but with a watermark.

CapCut vs Filmora Comparison Table

WatermarkWindows, Mac iOS, Android, pc
Editing ToolsAdvanced toolsBasic tools
Options for importingVideos, audios, photosVideos, photos
Water markYes, in the free versionNo
Pricing WatermarkFree
Formats for exportingMP3, GIF, MP4, MOVMOV and MP4 only

CapCut vs Filmora Review


Capcut is very straightforward, free to use, and also has no watermark. Also, all of the features are almost similar between Filmora vs Capcut. We can use it on the phone, or we can use it on a desktop, or we can even use it online without downloading the software to our laptop. Unless you are looking for a more advanced video editing tool, Filmora may be a good choice.

Capcut vs Filmora, Which platform will suit you or you should use will depend upon your needs, budget, and expertise. If you are a newbie and can not afford expensive software, you should rely on Capcut. If you only want basic editing, do not want to go professionally, and are only doing it for fun, then Also you should stick to the free capcut app. But if you want to take video editing as a profession or are editing your channel video, then paid Filmora should be your preference.

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