Capcut vs iMovie -In-Depth Analysis of Video Enhancement 2024

iMovie and capcut are both user-friendly apps in the world of video editing. Both have a wide range of tools for creating amazing content. Comparing CapCut vs iMovie can help you choose the best alternative according to your requirements. Also, get information about Capcut alternative apps from our article on the Best apps like Capcut.

capcut vs imovie


Capcut is a free video editing software that started as a mobile editing app currently available on iPhone and Android. This video editor quickly grew in popularity because of the new wave of short-form content.  Now you no longer need a dedicated computer and editing software to edit these videos. Soon after that, they launched an entirely web-based editor so you would have access to a capcut similar to traditional video editing software.

They recently developed full-fledged editing software that you can download from their website, currently available on Mac and Windows. It competes with the traditional editors of today, such as Premier DaVinci and many others, while remaining free to use.



These apps’ features are basic yet powerful, allowing you to accomplish all functions like trimming, cutting, and applying effects and filters.

Premium functionality such as video splitter and cropper are included in the free edition of the Capcut app.

 Also, it has extra features like text, stickers, and emojis to improve visual appearance.

Capcut includes both simple and expert video editing capabilities for creating stylish clips.

Capcut is a straightforward video editor focusing on short videos, effects, trimming, and transitions.


Smooth performance

Capcut constantly optimizes its features.

Integration with social media

straightforward video editor


Exporting speeds of capcut are not the fastest.  

Editing longer-form content is difficult in this.


iMovie includes simple yet strong video editing tools, allowing you to test your imaginative abilities. You don’t have to be an expert in video editing to master the iMovie video editor. iMovie overpasses the gap between professional and amateur video production. If you haven’t used iMovie yet, now is the time. To edit footage, put your video in the editor, crop it to adjust the size, and add embedded music, effects, and interactive titles. Apple’s free applications have the characteristic of designing superbly effective videos.



iMovie’s easy-to-use app is jam-packed with unique features.

Offers 4k resolution for exporting video.

It allows multi-track editing.

iMovie has various effects and allows you to include free music that adapts itself to the duration of a film.

One of the most convincing functionalities of iMovie is the iMovie’s theme library.

Some compelling templates in iMovie are neon, travel, sports, comic book, etc.

Each theme includes transitions, music, text overlays, and effects, saving you time and effort when editing.

iMovie has marvelous Split-screen effects and green-screen effects.

It has the ability to create Hollywood-style promos as well.

Apple regularly upgrades the software, giving consumers new options and capabilities.


This app outshines because of its speed and efficiency.

Simple to learn.

Green screen effect present.

Compatible with all Apple devices

You can use AirDrop and iCloud Drive to swap between your Apple devices to make your final editing in your videos.


Not available for androids.

Storage issues in the free version.

Videos can not be directly shared to social media from iMovie.

Capcut vs iMovie Which Is Better?

1. Auto captions


The good thing about the capcut AI is it has Auto captions. So you can easily generate Auto captions with a click of a button.


iMovie does not have an auto caption feature. So for long videos creating captions will be a hectic task.

2. Multiple Layers


When it comes to iMovie, you can only put two videos, two audio, and one text. The unfortunate thing about iMovie is that it only allows up to two overlays in your editing project.


When we move to capcut, you can have multiple layers. Also, this is much more convenient and easier to do with having multiple layers. So, capcut allows you to add and work with multiple layers of overlays.

3 iMovie vs Capcut-Operating System


We all know that iMovie only works with Mac.


But when it comes to capcut, you can install Capcut for iOS. You can also install Capcut on PC, Mac, and Android. Having support for multiple operating systems is its beauty. 

4 Creative Tools


It has relatively Limited items in terms of what you could do to edit.


There are different effects, filters, transitions, and audio. So all these creative tools, when you add them to your video, make it much more exciting and fun to watch. Capcut already has pre-set text templates; you can add them to the video. All these built-in features within capcut allow you to edit your projects faster.

5 Coloring Capabilities comparison


One of the great things about Capcut is that you can add Luts to it. So, you can add Luts, which allows you a whole other layer of editing color within your project.


You can edit color within the project in Capcut iMovie, which offers an extensive and impressive amount of color editing.  

6 Built-in Graphics


Built-in Graphics like stickers and transitions cut down so much time in your project making. These are available in Capcut.


iMovie is a very standard editing software where you do not have that kind of built-in capability within the software itself. So that means you have to go outside of the software and import Graphics into your project.

7 Comparison of Music and Sounds Library


 iMovie does have a music and sounds library, and it has some generic old-school music in it. iMovie, you have to go off software, search for that music, and then import it to your project.


Whereas Capcut has access to an extensive music library with all these modernized tracks.

CapCut vs iMovie Reviews

CapCut vs iMovie Comparison Table

Supporting PlatformiOS, MAC,iPad Android, PC, Mac, iOS
Editing Toolsbasic toolsMore advanced tools
Effects and filtersSmall in numberWide range of filters
Integration with softwareAppleTikTok
Exporting optionsAdvancedLimited


The main difference between the two software is that Capcut is available for various platforms like Windows, PC, and Androids, as well as for iOS devices. While iMovie is only supporting iOS devices.

Yes, CapCut is available for Apple devices. It requires iOS 11.0 or later for iPhones and iPads, and macOS 10.14 or later for MacBooks.


Which app among iMovie vs capcut you should choose will depend upon your needs and specific task.  iMovie should be the perfect preference for professional video editors and long videos as it is a bit advanced tool.  CapCut is a fantastic choice for those generating social media material and rookies searching for simple editing tools. Also, it will depend upon the available platform; if you have iOS or Apple devices, iMovie should be a relevant option, and if you are an Android user, then capcut should be your preference.

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