Capcut vs Alight Motion – Which Video Editing App is Best For You 2024?

In the mobile video editing field, two trending applications are Alight Motion and Capcut. Alight Motion is an industry leader in animation and editing due to its powerful tools for editing and exceptional traits. While capcut has gained fame due to its vast functionality and editing of short videos. Capcut vs Alight Motion will guide you through these amazing video editing tools.


Capcut is a reliable video editing software for Android that also serves as a short filmmaker.  Many exceptional features, such as Video Splitting and Edger, place capcut in one of Android’s best video editing software. Capcut may be used to connect two videos. This app is suitable for newcomers who want to plan a novel venture in video editing. You must read the article capcut tips and tricks for video editing.



You can now Merge as well as combine segments from several videos.

Users may also alter the aspect ratio of their films and pictures in this app.

Narration features are also available.

Has hundreds of special filters and beautiful backdrops.

Supports a variety of genres and ratios.

Adjust the music level using a fade-in and fade-out function.

Various options for effects, text, soundtracks, stickers, visuals, and more are available in this editor.

It has capabilities such as trimming and cutting video, adding text, music, and stickers, and blurring the background options.  


You may resize pictures and videos as needed.

You can create different transitions after each new photo or video clip.

Comprehensive color correction for films and photographs

But there are also no ads. So no annoying popup


Trimming audio clips is a little tricky

Ads might be bothersome for certain users

Alight Motion

Alight Motion is a convenient app that is quite helpful in animating videos. This superlative application can add precise transitions, animations, and effects. It is a diverse tool that has developed itself for animation and design. Alight Motion provides an extensive list of superb tools for editing videos as well as audio at the same time. Now you can professionally customize your project by adding numerous layers of graphics, videos, and audio.



You can customize the shapes by tapping on those points and adjusting them.  

Moreover, the option to animate shapes is available here.

The keyframe option lets you move each point as the video progresses. Keyframes are crucial components for animating videos and adding motion graphics. Alight motion has this vital feature of video editing. Keyframe is a fascinating feature that helps in creating entertaining animations.  Alight Motion has terrific visual effects, fonts, filters, transitions, and QR codes, features.

This tool provides an extensive array of shapes, vectors, designs, and components for amending your videos.

This app has no restrictions on the export format.  It allows exporting your projects in formats like MP4, JPEG, AVI, MOV, XML, etc.

Hundreds of customizable distinct fonts give an authoritative look to your videos.

You can create motion graphics in Alight motion by employing vector graphics. Using keyframes, vectors, and bitmaps, you can create exceptional videos on your smartphone with an alight motion app. You may even create your editable vector. You may also obtain a vector list. With Alight Motion, you can modify your vector artwork on your smartphone.

It also permits you to export a specific frame rate of a video.

You may add a text overlay to the images. You can utilize numerous text fonts and quickly change the appearance of any font.


Adequate advanced editing tools

Sufficient exporting options.

Advanced tools like vector graphics and keyframing.


Compounded interface.

The pro plan is expensive.

Capcut vs Alight motion which is better?


1. Color grading

Alight Motion

Both apps Alight Motion and Capcut provide color grading, but there are no presets in Alight Motion, so we cannot apply color grading over the filter in a single click. So, we have to do color grading in alight motion manually.  


But in Capcut, we can apply color grading in filters very quickly.

2. HSL and RGB Tool


HSL tool is present in Capcut for color grading but is missing in alight motion.

Alight Motion

While in alight motion, the RGB tool is present, which provides stunning color grading.

3 Sound Effects


Capcut also offers over 500 sound effects for free. Also, we can record audio or choose a file from the device.

Alight Motion

On the other hand, Alight Motion only allows us to add audio from the device.

4 Animations and stickers


Moreover, CapCut has over 4,000 static and animated stickers.  These stickers can be rotated and animated.

Alight Motion

The Alight Motion app has a couple of drawing options.  One is Freehand which allows drawing with brushes. Another one is Vector which lets us create custom shapes by adding points. Animation is another thing that stands out about Alight Motion. You can animate by changing an object’s position, layout, style, size, and other properties at different times. It also lets us modify the motion and speed of the animation by adjusting the curves on graphs. It can be applied to any visual element, such as text, stickers, images, video clips, etc. Social media, go with that. Alight Motion is for animations and designs. It lets you add and draw objects and animate them.

5. Slow Motion Effects

Alight Motion

The Alight motion does not provide slow motion for videos.


While capcut has this fantastic option, Capcut provides a very smooth slow-motion effect.

6. Capcut vs Alight Motion-DR

Both of the applications alight motion and capcut provide the HDR effect. The HDR effect quality of alight motion is much better than capcut. But the difference is in the speed of export. Alight Motion exports video slowly as compared to the Capcut application.

7. Effects

Capcut has a wide range of filters and effects, while alight motion has very few.

8. Interface

The alight motion interface is easy in comparison to Capcut.

9. Shapes

CapCut can not compete with Alight Motion here because it has many customizable shapes.

You can also study the comparison between Capcut vs Davinci resolve and Capcut vs iMovie.


The significant difference between Capcut vs AM is that Alight Motion is a tool for creating animations and motion graphics while Capcut is better for video editing only.

Both these software have free versions with a lot of features while some features are unlocked upon buying a paid subscription in both of these.

CapCut vs Alight Motion Comparison Table

FeaturesAlight MotionCapcut
RGB toolPresent No
Advance animationsyesNo
HSL toolAbsentPresent
Slow Motion EffectNoYes
Pricing freeFree
Motion Graphicsyespaid, free trial with a watermark

CapCut vs Alight Motion Review


If you are dedicated to video editing, then Alight Motion is better for you. Because in alight motion, you can manually create effects and texts and gain very good results. But if you want quick video editing by using ready-made designs and filters, then capcut will suit you. Overall, we have more tools on CapCut, but Alight Motion also has some unique options. If you have more passion for animations and motion graphics, you should check out Alight Motion. But if you only wish to edit videos, then go with Capcut.

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